Wiring Diagrams in   E-Plan

Our team of experts responsible for electrical engineering designs prepare all the materials for your switchboard production as you require. We recommend the most suitable components and thanks to many years of experience, we are able to find room for improvement in your projects. Our designs work successfully for end customers like BMW, VW, Audi or Honda.


  • EPLAN software

    We work with the most used CAD system in Germany - EPLAN Electric P8 and V5.70.

  • Many years of experience

    We provide expert knowledge of projects across different industries.

  • Worldwide coverage

    We translate wiring diagrams into all world languages.

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Production process

  • 1. Specification

    We go through your specification.

  • 2. Preparation

    We ask you additional questions or suggest improvements.

  • 3. Realization

    We complete wiring diagrams according to your requirements and valid standards and regulations.

  • 4. Hand-over

    After check and your final approval, we send you the completed wiring diagrams.

Why should you choose EUROSOFT-Control?

Tens of satisfied customers

Thanks to our diligence and willingness to bring all the projects up to the end, many business partners have promoted us from the subcontractors to the major suppliers. We are reliable and experienced partners for your business.

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Hundreds of completed projects

We’ve prepared a whole range of wiring diagrams for projects around the whole world.


We meet your requirements

We build every device to comply with regulations as well as internal business standards and your end customers’ requirements.


We prepare wiring diagrams together with electric cabinets

We don’t bother you with unnecessary questions. If we build the electric cabinets according to our designs, we communicate everything during the production process within the company.


We prepare complete documentation

We prepare complete documentation, including generated outputs, and translate everything into any world language.



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