30. 9. 2020

Final inspection conducted. The construction of the industrial area for production of electric cabinets is completed.

20. 1. 2020

We supported the Czech Association of Victims of Traffic Accidents

We're always on the road. Whether it is a journey to work or to clients abroad, we are very deeply hit by the accidents we sometimes encounter on the way. Statistics show that a lot of accidents...
30. 6. 2019

Last year we produced 470 meters of electrical cabinets

In autumn of 2017 our company moved from insufficient space in Štěnovice to a brand-new hall in Pilsen Černice. The hall for production of electrical cabinets has 2 520 m2.  The total area...
1. 3. 2019

EUROSOFT is the third most successful company in the Pilsen region

„Diamonds of Czech Business“ - it is a project of COT media company whose primary task is to evaluate the most successful business units according to their economic outcomes. Companies with...
23. 2. 2019

Reference letter from Junker

Dear Mr Pašek, thank you for your nice phone call yesterday. I have been asked to write down some positive information about your company, and I feel pleased to do it. I appreciate your company...
20. 1. 2019

Container for electric cabinets

For the first time in the history of our company, we have been able to realize the production of a container for electric cabinets in cooperation with our customer, Autcom. We hope, that this order...
31. 12. 2018

PF 2019

20. 1. 2019

Corporate Culture